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The International Association for Advancement in Language Technology (AsLing)…

… derives it acronym, AsLing, from its full name, in French: Association internationale pour la promotion des technologies Linguistiques.


Why French? ASLING is an international non-profit association governed by Articles 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, in June 2014.

Upon its inception, in June 2014, AsLing took over the long-running conference series, Translating and the Computer, established in 1978 by the former UK not-for-profit professional association Aslib, under whose management the 1978 conference and subsequent annual conferences were held from 1980 through 2013. AsLing has successfully carried out ten sessions of this series, beginning with TC36 in 2014 through TC45, which ended on 22 November 2023. From the inception of the conference through until 2019 the first 41 sessions were all held at various conference venues in London (UK). TC42 and TC43 were held as virtual conferences, online. AsLing held TC44 and its most recent conference, TC45, as in-person conferences, the last of which (TC45) took place in Luxembourg on 20-22 November 2023. TC46, which will be the 11th conference in this series organised by AsLing, will again take place in Luxembourg, in November 2024.