The 45th Translating and the Computer Conference

took place in the European Convention Center, in Luxembourg

20-22 November 2023

Latest news:

The 3-day conference was well attended, with over 200 persons attending

If you are looking for slides of presentations, these will be available within 2 weeks of the conference. Please be patient.

Our small team that organised and ran the conference need to catch their breath before proceeding with this task.
We’ll post when they are ready.
Videos of most sessions will follow too.

Deadline extension:

The deadline for all authors to submit final papers has been extended to 13 December 2023.
This applies for required full-length academic-style papers as well as for shorter Poster papers, regardless of when submitted (by the earlier deadline 10 September or the final deadline 31 October). It also applies for optional user-papers as well as for post-facto papers reporting on workshops or panels, although extensions for these, to mid-January 2024 may be given on request. All previous deadlines have been extended to 13 December 2023. For details see Final submission guidelines in the For Speakers menu.

Translating and the Computer Conferences offerred unique perspectives at the crossroads of Technology and Language. Visit this site often for updates and check out the Conference archive to find out more about past TCs.