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This page is an alphabetical listing of all persons serving in the Programme Committee for TC45 (last year's conference) and in some, many or even all previous TC conference Programme Committees from TC36 onward).
In this spirit AsLing is in the process of contacting these persons to ask them to confirm whether they can and are willing to continue to serve on the Programme Committee for TC46.
As confirmations are received, or persons decline or are unable to continue, and as new names are added, this list will change.


Juan José Arevalillo

Hermes Traducciones
Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Madrid), Spain

Lynne Bowker

University of Ottawa, Canada

Vicent Briva-Iglesias

Dublin City University

Sheila Castilho

Dublin City University, Ireland

Félix do Carmo

University of Surrey, UK

David Chambers

AsLing Honorary Member


Gloria Corpas Pastor

Universidad de Málaga, Spain


Ayten Dersan

World Trade Organization

Emmanuelle Esperança-Roder

University of Grenoble Alps

Maria Fernandez - Parra

Swansea University, UK

David Filip

Huawei Ireland Research Center, Ireland

Amal Haddad Haddad

University of Granada, Spain

Valentini Kalfadopoulou

Ionian University, Greece

Elizabeth Marshman

School of Translation and Interpretation,
University of Ottawa, Canada


Johanna Monti

L'Orientale University of Naples, Italy

Joss Moorkens

School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies,
Dublin City University


Constantin Orăsan

University of Surrey, UK

Antoni Oliver Gonzàlez

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)


Michail Panagopoulos

Ionian University, Greece

Rozane Rebechi

Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Celia Rico Perez

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

Vilelmini Sosoni

Ionian University, Greece
also Publications Coordinator


Paola Valli

TX Group AG, Switzerland

Nelson Verástegui

International Telecommunication Union (ret.)
Docteur-ingénieur en Génie informatique

Michal Ziemski

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)