About the Association

For more about the Association, founded in June 2014 as an international non-profit association governed by Articles 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, refer to:

This site provides links to the Proceedings and Programmes of all past TC conferences organised by AsLing.

Current activities

AsLing just completed the 44th Translating and the Computer Conference, TC44. It took place as an in-person conference 24-25 November 2022 at the European Convention Center in Luxembourg (ECCL). At the last moment, a few days prior to the conference webstreaming of events in the two main rooms because possible, so we also had viewers and listeners from around the world, although fewer than if we had known this earlier.

Click the button below to access the website of TC44:

Registration was open until 21 November. No attendance fee was charged.

A link to advance info on TC45 – 2023 will be posted here soon.

Past activities

Since its inception AsLing has now organized and hosted nine annual Translating and the Computer conferences, beginning with TC36 in 2014, up through the now completed TC44, just ended on 25 Nov 2022 (see link under Current activities in the middle column at left.

The 43rd Translating and the Computer Conference, TC43, took place online, 16-18 November 2021. Slides and videos of the events have been uploaded to the conference site. Proceedings are in preparation.