About the Association

For more about the Association, founded in June 2014 as an international non-profit association governed by Articles 60ff. of the Swiss Civil Code, registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, refer to:

Current activities

AsLing is now organising the 44th Translating and the Computer Conference, TC44. It will be in the week of 21 November 2022. The decision whether it will be a virtual (on-line) or in-person (physical) conference will be decided around the end of June 2022.

Its website is still embryonic. But it will develop, at

A first Call for Proposals for the 44th Translating and the Computer Conference (2022) was sent out on 25 April 2022, with a closing date of 1 June 2022.

Past activities

Since its inception AsLing has organized and hosted eight annual Translating and the Computer conferences, beginning with TC36 in 2014 up through TC43 in 2021.

The 43rd Translating and the Computer Conference, TC43, took place online, 16-18 November 2021. Slides and videos of the events have been uploaded to the conference site. Proceedings are in preparation.