AsLing is the International Association for Advancement in Language Technology. It derives its acronym (and core of its URL) from its name in the original, French, language: Association internationale pour la promotion des technologies Linguistiques.

For more about the Association, founded in June 2014, see our AsLing – the Association site.

For more about our main activity since inception, hosting and organising of Translating and the Computer conferences, see the sites of the the conferences organised by AsLing, TC36-2014, TC37-2015, TC38-2016, TC39-2017, TC40-2018, TC41-2019, all in London, as well as TC42-2020, TC43-2021, and TC44-2022 as online virtual conferences. During 2023 AsLing organising TC45-2023, as an IN-PERSON-ONLY conference in Luxembourg and will host its next conference TC46-2024 as an IN-PERSON-ONLY conference in Luxembourg in November 2024.

For archives of earlier conferences organised and hosted by Aslib, see our archives site: TC1-TC35 .