The founders of Aslib (ca 1923). Aslib started this conference series in 1978, and ran it until 2013, after which is was turned over to AsLing.
Many of the papers presented at TC conferences from TC1 (1978) through TC38 (2016) can be found in the MT-Archives set up and maintained by John Hutchins, by permission of Aslib through 2013 and AsLing for 2014-2016, at:
Full proceedings of TC conferences organised by Asling (TC36 (2014) through TC41 (2019) are available via the menu items for these conferences, above, or at the publisher's site, Editions tradulex, at:
 TC15 – “Machine Translation Today”, CBI Conference Centre, London, 11th-12th November 1993
 TC14 – “Quality standards and the implementation of technology in translation”, CBI Conference Centre, London, 10th-11th November 1992
 TC13 – “The theory and practice of machine translation a marriage of convenience?”, CBI Centre, London, 28th-29th November 1991
 TC12 – “Applying technology to the translation process, CBI Conference Centre, London, 8th-9th November 1990
 TC11 – “Preparing for the next decade, The Conference Forum, Sedgwick Centre, London, 16th-17th November 1989
 TC10 – “The translation environment 10 years on, CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London, 10th-11th November 1988
 TC9 –  “Potential and practice, CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London, 12th-13th November 1987
 TC8 –  “A profession on the move”, CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London, 13th-14th November 1986
 TC7 –  CBI Conference Centre, Centre Point, London, 14th-15th November 1985
 TC6 –  “Translation and Communication”, The Waldorf Hotel, London, 20th-21st November 1984
 TC5 –  “Tools for the Trade”, The London Press Centre, London, 10th-11th November 1983
 TC4 –  “Term banks for tomorrow’s world”, London, 11th-12th November 1982
 TC3 –  “Practical experience of machine translation”, London, 5th-6th November 1981
 TC2 –  “Machine aids for translators”, London, 11th November 1980
 TC1 –  “Translating and the Computer”, London, 14th November 1978