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Presentation Slides and Recordings – for download & offline viewing

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Slides Recordings
Martin Benjamin: Keynote address TC42-Keynote-Benjamin-Universal translation TC42-Keynote address Benjamin (103Mb, 48:27min)
Gold sponsors
Jean-François Richard (Terminotix) TC42-Terminotix_Leadership_talk TC42-Terminotix-Leadership talk (19.2Mb, 14:02min)
Diana Ballard (STAR AG) TC42-STAR_Leadership_talk TC42-Star-Leadership talk (15.6Mb, 11:10min)
Silver Sponsors
Peter Reynolds (memoQ) No slides available TC42-memoQ-Leadership talk (12.3Mb, 5:41min)
 Massimo Ghislandi (SDL) No slides available TC42-SDL-Leadership talk (12.5Mb, 7:36min)
Bert Wylin and Dicken Minta (Televic) No slides available TC42-Televic-Leadership talk (35.8Mb, 15:33min)
Presentations and poster (per date)
18.11 – Rafal Jaworski TC42-Assessing cross-lingual word similarities TC42-Jaworski (66.6Mb, 25:21min)
18-11 – Tom Vanallemeersch, Sara Szoc TC42-APE-Quest TC42-Vanallemeersch-Szoc (173Mb, 24:56min)
19.11 – Gloria Corpas Pastor Presenter declines sharing her slides TC42-Gloria_Corpas (94Mb, 19:55min)
19.11 – Patrick Lehner TC42-Visuals Used by speaker-no text TC42-Patrick_Lehner (38.Mb, 13:07min)
19.11 – Marcin Feder Presenter declines sharing his slides TC42-Marcin_Feder (29Mb, 18:10min)
19.11 – Khaled Ben Milad TC42-Evaluation of translation memory retrieval Not available yet
19.11 – Olena Kharchenko TC42-Translation management in times of distancing Not available yet
19.11 – Invited speaker Joanna Drugan TC42-Dark Side of Translation TC42-Jo-Drugan-Talk (80.9Mb, 44:30min)

TC42-Jo-Drugan-Questions & Answers (194Mb, 19:23min)

19.11 – Julie Giguère TC42-Becoming a machine translation coach TC42-Giguère (132Mb, 27:38min)
19.11 – Khaled Ben Milad
TC42-Comparative evaluation of NMT quality TC42-Ben_Milad2 (21.6Mb, 22:23min)
19.11 – Jerzy Czopik
TC42-Regular Expressions TC42-Czopik (61.6Mb, 18:47min)
20.11 – Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier (poster) TC42-What’s on an annotator s mind TC42-EsperancaRodier (21.3Mb, 10:57min)
20.11 – Anna Iankovskaia (poster) TC42-The sources of text complexity for NMT TC42-Iankovskaia (30.2Mb, 8:24min)
20.11 – Asma Alamri (poster) TC42-Google translate and childrens literature TC42-Alamri (26.5Mb, 13:15min)
20.11 – Marina Tonkopeeva (poster) TC42-Investigating interpreting and translation studies TC42-Tonkopeeva (9.76Mb, 9:14min)
20.11 – Yuxiang Wei (poster) TC42-Post-editiing of structurally ambiguous translation TC42-Wei (26.6Mb, 12:10min)
20.11 – Denis Dechandon and María Recort TC42-Systematic Integration Semantics+Metadata TC42-Recort_Dechandon (58.1Mb, 22:11min)
20.11 – Lucía Guerrero TC42-NMT plus a bilingual glossary TC42-Guerrero (56.6Mb, 22:30min)
20.11 – Daniya Khamidullina TC42-On Air – Can terminology help professionals in media TC42-Khamidullina (98.9Mb, 26:12min)
20.11 – Maria Stasimioti and Vilelmini Sosoni TC42-Post-editing creative texts vs specialised texts TC42-Stasimioti_Sosoni (40.2Mb, 17:52min)
20.11 –  Claire Lemaire Presenter declines sharing her slides Presenter declines sharing her presentation
20.11 – Viveta Gene TC42-The role and perspective of post-editor TC42-Gene (31.8Mb, 23:15min)