Day 1 – 24 November – Afternoon (Status: 24 November)

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14:00Return from Lunch
14:00-16:00Chair: Olaf-Michael Stefanov
14:00-14:30Anna Setkowicz-Ryszka: Why are generic MT engines of limited assistance to lawyers and legal academics wishing to communicate in English as the lingua franca? A reviser’s and post-editor’s perspective
14:30-15:00Joanna Gough and Özlem Temizöz: How Collaborative is Concurrent Translation? Insights From a Survey of 804 Translators
15:00-15:30Matthias Heyn: Transformation to the Cloud as a Service Vendor: Lessons Learned
15:30-16:00Rafał Jaworski and Andrzej Zydroń: Automated translation analysis using a multi-faceted framework
16:00-16:30Health Break
16:30-18:00Chair: Ruslan Mitkov
16:30-17:00Paula Marginean: eLegislate – the XML ATP chain in the European Parliament – Focus on Translation
17:00-17:30Miguel Rios and Raluca-Maria Chereji: Impact of Domain-Adapted Multilingual Neural Machine Translation in the Medical Domain
17:30-18:00Amal Haddad Haddad: The use of CAT tools and corpus analysis in comparative literary translation research: an English-Arabic case study
13:45Return from Lunch
13:45-16:00Chair: Vilelmini Sosoni
13:45-14:00Gokhan Dogru and Joss Moorkens : A User Study on Machine Translation Finetuning with Custom Translation Memories in 3 Language Pairs
14:00-14:15Michal Měchura : Fairslator: Machine translation bias removal tool
14:15-14:30Zhilu Tu: Using bitext mining to identify translated material: practical assessment and new applications
14:30-16:00PANEL DISCUSSION: YourTerm: A Collaborative & FAIR European Project

Moderator: Rodolfo Maslias

Panellists: Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio, Pascale Elbaz, Elpidia Loupaki and Federica Vezzani
16:00-16:30Health Break
16:30-18:00Chair: Jo Drugan
16:30-16:45Mauro Bubnic and Daniel Marín Buj: Machine Translation Quality Monitoring at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union
16:45-17:00Jeevanthi Uthpala Liyanapathirana: Exploring different speech recognizers for post-editing translation outputs: A pilot study in an international organization
17:00-18:00WORKSHOP: Content Operations: Incorporating translation into the content lifecycle

Moderator: Rahel Anne Bailie

14:00Return from Lunch
14:00-15:00Terminotix (Gold Sponsor): Workshop 1:
Improve your Terminology Aware NMT engine with SynchroTerm and LogiTerm

Moderator: Jean-François Richard
15:00-16:00 Juremy (Silver Sponsor): Workshop 1:
Customizable one-click terminology search in the EU corpus and IATE: A workshop on Juremy’s functionalities

Moderator: Timea Palotai-Torzsás
16:00-16:30Health Break
16:30-17:00Wordfast (Silver Sponsor): Workshop 1
Ergonomics in the Translation Workplace

Moderator: Yves Champollion
17:00-18:00Terminotix (Gold Sponsor): Workshop 2
Find out why AlignFactory is the world’s premier alignment software

Moderator: Jean-François Richard