Day 2 – 25 November – Afternoon (Status: 24 November)

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14:30Return from Lunch
14:30-16:00Chair: Joss Moorkens
14:30-15:00Vicent Briva-Iglesias: Pre-task perceptions and their impact on final translation quality: implications for training


15:00-15:30Roser Sánchez Castany: Towards a Technologized translation classroom – Practices and perceptions from trainers at a Swiss University
15:30-16:00Vilelmini Sosoni & Maria Stasimioti: Educating translators in the era of translation as human-computer interaction: How are we faring?
16:00-16:30Chair: João Esteves-Ferreira
16:00-16:30Closing Ceremony
14:30Return from Lunch
14:30-15:00Chair: Jo Drugan
14:30-14:45Carlos Manuel Hidalgo-Ternero: gApp: a text preprocessing system to improve the neural machine translation of discontinuous multiword expressions
14:45-15:00Aida Kostikova: Evaluation of adaptive machine translation from a gender-neutral language perspective
15:00-16:00Chair: Olaf-Michael Stefanov
15:00-16:00WORKSHOP: on the new Terminology Projects Module in IATE

Moderators: Corina Ionescu, John Kirby and Susanne Boraston
16:00-16:30Closing Ceremony (On screen)
14:30Return from Lunch
14:30-15:00 Juremy (Silver Sponsor): Workshop 2:
Provide reliable and consistent EU terminology use with Juremy’s document metadata settings


Moderator: Robin PALOTAI
15:00-16:00Wordfast (Silver Sponsor): Workshop 2
Workshop: Wordfast PRO, Anywhere, Classic and Server: four versions to fit all needs

Moderator: Yves Champollion