Programme Overview

Here, as well as in the drop-down Menu “Programme Overview” above, you have links to various types of events:

  • Keynote and Invited Speakers
  • Presentations (A table of presentations in alphabetical order by titles of presentations approved. It contains hyperlinks to details for those presentations where presenters have confirmed their presence at the conference and that they will present. Where only the title and name of the author is shown, confirmation is still pending. Additional presentations will also be added.
  • Confirmed Presentation Details
  • Panel Discussions
  • Workshops
  • Presenters (and co-authors) – this page will be coming soon

As events are confirmed, titles, abstract, as well as presenter(s) – and co-authors’ – picture(s) and bios will be posted to the Confirmed Presentations page.

Eventually all these items will coalesce into a Schedule with dates and times of all events.