Presenters, co-authors and Workshop Moderators

A Gallery of authors and co-authors of submissions approved for Presentation at TC45 by the AsLing Conference Chairs upon the advice of the Programme Committee. (INCOMPLETE: more to follow)

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Alfetlawi_Anwar (35)
Alfetlawi, Anwar
Keynote Speaker: Isabelle Andrieu,
Andrieu, Isabelle KEYNOTE
Ben_Naji_Haifa (35)
Ben Naji, Haifa
Briva-Iglesias, Vicent
Bouillon_Pierrette (47)
Bouillon, Pierrette
Brockmann_Daniel (9)
Brockmann, Daniel
Chamorro, Martin
Cano_Cristina (11)
Cano, Cristina
Casas_Sandra (20)
Casas, Sandra
8_Author_Coady_Shirley (8)
Coady, Shirley
Dave_Dipen (35)
Dave, Dipen
Dechandon_Denis (28)
Dechandon, Denis
Delfani_Jaleh (33)
Delfani, Jaleh
Dunaevsky, Carolina
Elhuseiny_Bedeir_Ahmed (35)
Elhuseiny Bedeir, Ahmed
Esperança-Rodier_Emmanuelle (44)
Esperança-Rodier, Emmanuelle
Feder, Marcin
Gromann_Dagmar (19)
Gromann, Dagmar
Gueorguiev_Borislav (23)
Gueorguiev, Borislav
Heyn_Matthias (7)
Heyn, Matthias
Hidalgo-Ternero, Carlos Manuel
Hiebl_Bettina (19)
Hiebl, Bettina
Jaworski_Rafal (38)
Jaworski, Rafał
Kirby_John (42)
Kirby, John
Kizinska_Anna (22)
Kizinska, Anna
Koponen_Maarit (16)
Koponen, Maarit
Kostikova_Aida (46)
Kostikova, Aida
Lardelli_Manuel (10)
Lardelli, Manuel
Liu_Ting (35)
Liu, Ting
Liyanapathirana_Jeevanthi (47)
Liyanapathirana, Jeevanthi
Macken_Lieve (37)
Macken, Lieve
Marshman_Elizabeth (35)
Marshman, Elizabeth
Mechura_Michal (18)
Mechura, Michal
Melby_Alan (16)
Melby, Alan
49_Author_Chrysanthemi _Michali
Michali, Chrysanthemi
Migdisi_Kristin (46)
Migdisi, Kristin
Moniz, Helena KEYNOTE
Mutal_Jonathan (47)
Mutal, Jonathan
Noriega-Santiáñez_Laura (32)
Noriega-Santiáñez, Laura
Oravecz_Csaba (14)
Oravecz, Csaba
Panagopoulos, Michail
Palotai_Robin (36)
Palotai, Robin
Palotai-Torzsás_Timea (36)
Palotai-Torzsás, Timea
Paturel_Sophie (44)
Paturel, Sophie
Paunescu_Mihai (28)
Paunescu, Mihai
Sosoni, Vilelmini
Szoc_Sara (46)
Szoc, Sara
Tahraoui_Amina (16)
Tahraoui, Amina
Toledo-Báez_Cristina (32)
Toledo-Báez, Cristina
Ünlü, Cihan
Urscheler_Samuel (20)
Urscheler, Samuel
Vanallemeersch_Tom (46)
Vanallemeersch, Tom
Vestel_Anastasiia (37)
Vestel, Anastasiia
Vlaciha_Matej (23)
Vlaciha, Matej
Vlaic_Paula (39)
Vlaic, Paula
Waibel_Cathy (31)
Waibel, Cathy
Walhain_Lucy (28)
Walhain, Lucy
Zorrilla-Agut, Paula