Updated to 16 November 2023

Venue – The European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL)

The European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) is ideally located and easily accessible. ECCL is situated in the heart of the Kirchberg district in the north-east of Luxembourg City, 2.5 km from the city centre and the Luxembourg train station and 7 km from Luxembourg Airport. As all public transport in the country of Luxembourg is free, you can reach ECCL from both the airport and the train station at no cost.

Luxembourg City and the Kirchberg plateau (where the ECCL is located) are linked to the major European cities by an extensive motorway network, regular and fast train routes and a far-reaching and wide range of international destinations from Luxembourg International Airport.

Address:  access is only from 1, rue de Fort Thüngen (backside of ECCL), and NOT from the front at 4, Place de l’Europe, Luxembourg.

TC45 again takes place this year at ECCL,
this year in four conference rooms

Here below are layouts of the rooms, three of which are the same as we used at TC44 LAST year.
Plenary Room 2 will be “our” plenary. Opening and closing sessions and Keynotes will be held there. In addition TC45 has been assigned three other rooms, Rooms B, C and D. This page gives you an idea of these facilities.


Plenary Room 2 – Level 0

This oval room seats 146 people in a fixed configuration, with the option of adding 70 tablet chairs, and is equipped with four large displays around the room as well as with individual displays in front of each seat around the two inner rings of places. As at TC44 last year, this room will be the conference plenary for the opening and closing sessions, the keynote addresses the Round Table, and all Leadership talks from our sponsors. In addition, some 20 presentations will also take place in Room 2 over the three days.

Click here for an interactive experience of Plenary Room 2. 

Room B – Level 0 

This hollow square room, directly adjacent to Plenary Room 2, seats 101 persons. It has three screens around the room. It will be used at TC45 for 10 sponsors’ workshops and one non-commercial live demo by a presenter whose talk takes place earlier the same day in Room C.

Click here for an interactive experience of Room B.

Room C – Level 0

This room in fixed theatre style, diagonally across from Plenary Room 2 and across from Room B, seats 380 persons. It is equipped with a large central video wall and two side screens on either side. A built-in stage allows for a lectern or a speaker’s table. It will be used for the panel discussion, all Poster presentations and other Short talks as well as three Sponsors’ workshops. Due to its format and in light of its accommodation capacity, it may be used for additional seating during  plenary sessions,  keynote addresses and the Round Table, if all participants cannot be accommodated in Plenary Room 2.

Click here for an interactive experience of Room C.

Room D – Level 1

This elegant hollow square room seats 104 persons. It is equipped with two large screens at the ends of the room. At TC45 it will host the five non-commercial workshops, six presentations, and several sponsors’ workshops and presentations. 

Click here for an interactive experience of Room D.

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