Confirmed Panel and Round Table

Status: 17 November 2023

There will be 1 Panel and 1 Round Table at TC45:


Unlocking the potential of semantic technologies in terminology management


Anikó Gerencsér
Panel Co-Moderator

Denis Dechandon
Panel Co-Moderator
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This complements our presentation on “From shifting thoughts to unlocking knowledge: The power of terminology in the digital era” Discover how semantic technologies transform terminology management, improving translation efficiency, accuracy, and interoperability in the AI and machine learning era. We explore the integration of semantic technologies into terminology practices, where AI and knowledge management converge.

Anikó Gerencsér

Anikó Gerencsér holds a master’s degree in library and information science and a PhD in Italian literature from the University ELTE of Budapest. Since joining the Publications Office of the European Union she is working in the field of metadata standardisation and linked open data management. As a team leader of the Reference Data team she coordinates the maintenance of taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies and authority lists and their publication on the EU Vocabularies website. Her particular area of responsibility is the maintenance of the EuroVoc multilingual thesaurus and its alignment with other controlled vocabularies. She is involved in the optimisation of the thesaurus management tool VocBench, particularly with regard to the analysis of users` needs and the improvement of collaborative and customised features.

Denis Dechandon … see below

Panel Topics: 

1. Leveraging semantic technologies for terminology management: Best practices and applications

2. Challenges and solutions: Integrating semantic enrichment for terminological resources

3. Semantic technologies in action: Real-world case studies and their impact on translation workflows

4. Empowering human expertise with AI: The evolving role of terminologists

5. Towards unified multilingual terminology: Exploring semantic interoperability

6. The road ahead: Future developments in terminology and semantic technologies.


Moderated session, 90-120 minutes (TBD), encouraging audience interaction.
Panelists: AI researchers, language tech professionals, terminologists, and practitioners experienced in semantic technologies.

Benefits: Gain insights into semantic technology implementation, challenges, and benefits. Shape the future of language tech and knowledge management.

Join us for engaging discussions and explore the boundless opportunities at the intersection of semantic technologies, AI, and knowledge management. Contribute to the TC45 conference and shape the future of language tech.

Dechandon_Denis (28)
Dechandon, Denis
Dunaevsky, Carolina
Paunescu_Mihai (28)
Paunescu, Mihai
Walhain_Lucy (28)
Walhain, Lucy
Natalia Bondonno
more name(s) to follow


for the EU: Paula Zorrilla-Agut, Carolina Dunaevsky, Marie José Palos Caravina as well as Mihai Paunescu and Lucy Walhainaudience panellists

for the UN: Natalia Bondonno and Lionel Shenaudience panellist

for industry: Matthias Heyn

for academia: Patricia Martín Chozas, Cosimo Palma – audience panellist


time permitting, bios for the panellists may be added below, once we have all or most of them


Dechandon_Denis (28)

Denis Dechandon

Denis Dechandon 

Denis Dechandon is an experienced tool and business manager with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry. His studies in Romance languages at the University of Stuttgart, along with his professional activities, have centred around multilingualism, linguistics, translation, natural language processing, and foreign languages. Additionally, Denis has focused on semantic technologies, interoperability, knowledge organisation system creation and maintenance, and process automation.
With a track record spanning 30 years, he has dedicated some 20 years to providing linguistic services within the framework of EU institutions. Over the last decade, Denis has shifted his focus to the cutting-edge field of semantic technologies, further enriching his expertise.
Denis’ contributions to the field of language technology and translation have been recognised through his active participation in various conferences, including those centred around knowledge management. He is also deeply engaged in organising Translating and the Computer annual conferences, JIAMCATT annual and local meetings, and ENDORSE conferences and follow-up events.

Presently, Denis is engaged in activities that focus on enhancing semantic interoperability and promoting the widespread use of semantic technologies. His core mission revolves around supporting government administrations and national public services in creating, maintaining, enhancing, and disseminating semantic assets and tools. The ultimate goal is to foster increased data flows, seamless data sharing and reuse, and the promotion of further developments in the field of Linguistic Linked Open Data.

Throughout his professional journey, Denis has maintained a modest yet confident approach, consistently striving for excellence in all his endeavours. His comprehensive understanding of the language services sector and his growing expertise in the realm of semantic technologies make him a very knowledgeable professional.


Paula Zorrilla-Agut

Paula Zorrilla-Agut After having worked as an in-house and freelance translator for almost 10 years, Paula Zorrilla Agut joined the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union in 2008 as a terminology coordinator. In her 15 years of career at the Translation Centre in Luxembourg, Paula has worked as a terminology coordinator, translation workflow administrator, translator and coordinator of the IATE Support & Development Team. She was appointed IATE Tool Manager in September 2017 and also chairs the interinstitutional IATE Management Group.

Carolina Dunaevsky

Carolina Dunaevsky

Carolina Dunaevsky is a versatile language expert and technology specialist, holding a Diploma in Translation from the National University of Cordoba (Argentina) and a Master of Arts in Terminology and Language Technologies from the Technical University of Cologne (Germany). She currently works as a Terminologist and Language Technology Specialist at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Luxembourg, where she excels in terminology management and linguistic analysis. Carolina’s achievements include successfully migrating CJEU’s terminological database to the InterActive Terminology for Europe (IATE) platform and actively participating in EU interinstitutional meetings related to terminology and language technologies. She is multilingual, proficient in German, English, French, and Spanish, and has experience as a translator. Additionally, Carolina has served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Luxembourg, contributing to the course “Translation and EU Terminology.” Her combination of language skills and tech expertise is a valuable asset to both the CJEU and the wider linguistic community.

Maria José Palos Caravina

Paunescu_Mihai (28)

Mihai Paunescu

Mihai Paunescu

Mihai Paunescu is a semantic data consultant working with the Publications Office of the European Union. Active in the area of reference data management, structures and linked data he provides technical support for the ingestion, maintenance and dissemination of datasets published on the EU Vocabularies website and on the ShowVoc platform. He is particularly involved in linked data initiatives supporting the team in actions involving alignment, dissemination and support services.

Walhain_Lucy (28)

Lucy Walhain

Lucy Walhain

Lucy Walhain holds a Master’s Degree in Translation from the Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCLouvain). During her master, she specialised in terminology management and localisation.

Since joining the Publications Office of the European Union, she contributes to the definition and implementation of standards and interoperability solutions in the metadata domain within the Publications Office and on the interinstitutional level and to the maintenance of controlled vocabularies such as EuroVoc.


Charting the course: Navigating language technology’s evolving landscape

Josep Bonet

Olaf-Michael Stefanov
Session Chair (and Co-Moderator)



bios and pictures will be posted once we have all or most

Join us for a special round table at TC45, where we bring together our esteemed sponsors to explore the current challenges and opportunities within our ever-evolving field of language technology. Focused on AI, LLMs, NMT and sustainable pricing strategies, this discussion aims to strike a balance between reasonable investments and equitable returns.

Our sponsors will share their visionary insights, strategies and plans for addressing industry challenges and harnessing the vast potential of language technology. This unique session offers you direct access to their expertise, enabling you to engage in an insightful dialogue, pose questions and contribute to shaping the future of our industry.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to connect with industry leaders, gain valuable insights and actively participate in charting the course of language technology. Your engagement matters as we collectively navigate this dynamic landscape.

Join us in shaping the future of language technology at TC45 and beyond.

[details to follow]

The panellists have been drawn from among eminent sponsors’ reps at TC45
They include:

  • Diana Ballard (Star)
  • Shirley Coady (RWS)
  • Denis Dechandon (Publications Office of the European Union)
  • Konstantin Dranch (Custom-MT)
  • Jean-François Mur (Consoltec)
  • Bert Wylin (televic)
  • Andrzej Zydroń (XTM-International)

more panellist may follow