Ayten Dersan is a professional in the fields of language and publications services with almost two decades of experience, first at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union with her most recent role as Business development manager and then at a global institution, the World Trade Organisation, as a Chief of Documents Management, Monitoring and Production Section. Her work has been distinguished by strategic leadership, constant learning and implementation of new language technologies, and a great passion for promoting communication and understanding through adept multilingual publications management.

“In my role as Chief, I am responsible for supervising the production, distribution, and management of WTO documents and ensuring that they comply with strict WTO guidelines and standards. I manage complex operations and lead strategic initiatives to enhance transparency and promote the flow of publications. I am committed to fostering an environment of learning and growth, routinely training members of our team.

“As a member of the Programme Committee for the AsLing TC45 conference, I am eager to contribute and excited to participate in talks about how to use technology to provide effective language-based services and possibly influence future norms in this fascinating area. I think I can bring a lot to this committee and event because of my expertise, know-how and love for managing publications”.