Re-register for the European Parliament visit

Tuesday, 21 November 2023

    Please Re-Register ASAP for the "Meet the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Parliament" event.

    Please fill in the form below with the details required for accessing the European Parliament Building.
    Please do not forget to carry with you the identification documentation (passport or identity card) you indicated in the present form.
    The TC45 OC

    The Security and Safety service of the Parliament now require the following additional information from you:
    a. Nationality,
    b. Type of document (ID or passport) and
    c. Expiry date of the document

    To assure that items b and c match the document number and other information you provided earlier, we are asking you to enter these here once again.

    Enter your surname/last name EXACTLY as it appears in your identification document.

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    Thank you and see you all in Luxembourg soon!
    Do NOT click the link below, UNLESS you wish to take part in this visit to the European Parliament's Dirctorate-General for Translation,
    simply exit this browser window.